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Sponsored Sessions

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Activities and Sessions at GSA

NAGT sponsors educational sessions at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting each fall. There are also a number of other sessions on geoscience education.

2014 GSA Activities and Sessions

Activities and Sessions at AGU

Many NAGT Members are involved in running educational sessions at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco every year.

2014 AGU Activities and Sessions

Past Sponsored Sessions and Events

EarthCube Education End-User Workshop

March 4-5, 2013
This NAGT-sponsored workshop brought together an interesting mix of innovative scientist-educators, employers who wish to hire data-savvy graduates, data-providers who wish to have students and teachers among their user-communities, and technologists to help envision the tools and capabilities that may be available for undergraduate teaching in the near future.

Innovative Hands-on Geoscience Lab and Class Activities for use in Undergraduate Teaching

2011 GSA Annual Meeting
This interactive poster session serves as a showcase for active, hands-on, inquiry-based activities used in undergraduate teaching. Participants were asked to share their activities via the website and you will find links to them on the webpage for the session as well as in the the collection of teaching resources.

San Francisco Geology Field Trip for Two-Year College Faculty

2010 AGU Fall meeting
This one-day field trip was designed to introduce two-year college faculty to the geology of the San Francisco area. This event is cosponsored by AGU.

Using Field Observations and Field Experiences to Teach Geoscience

2004 GSA Annual Meeting
Browse a collection of field experiences currently being used by session attendees.

Using Data to Teach Earth Processes

2003 GSA Annual Meeting
Browse a collection of examples of Using Data in the classroom to teach earth processes that were contributed by session attendees.

Inquiry-Based, Hands-On, Classroom Exercises, Lab Demonstrations, and Field investigations in Geoscience Education

Browse a collection of classroom activities contributed by attendees to sessions at several GSA and AGU meetings in 2005.

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